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Darkened Tokyo

If you have lived here (Tokyo) for any amount of time, you will have noticed that once te sun goes down, the darkened world takes over Tokyo in a very strange sense.  While there are many street-lights that help fill the roadways, side-streets and even a few alleys with an incandescent hughe, you will also notice that there are quite a few more side-streets that are not lit than lit.  This may be an old power saving method, it could be due to the hassle of installing extra lights or it could also be in part due to the safety of the country.

Unlike back home in Canada where a dark street can be nerve-wracking to walk down for even someone experienced in fighting, the dark alleys of Tokyo are rarely anything to fear for anyone other than little children who still worry about the boogy man.  While it is true that there are certainly some areas of Tokyo that are more prone to crime than others, it is very rare to find an actual mugger, violent gang or even a person willing on picking a fight with you.


Japan... country of low crime.