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While the last couple of updates have given a basic idea of what is going on now, it should be noted that the trip getting from my old work-place to my apartment in Asakusa, Tokyo took a little longer than expected. What usually is a 2.5 hour bus-to-train-to-bus ride took nearly 30 hours door to door. A cramped car with little provisions (most had been sold to the locals in the minutes following the first quake) and a 45km trip home proved quite a trial unto itself.


One of the main reasons it was such as task is because of the quake, the expressways were shut down which required us to crawl along the pavement of side-streets which were packed with thousands and thousands of cars. It was near grid-lock for 40km until in the early morning when one of the expressways finally opened up.  Some may say that they felt the quake and it wasn't very strong, however it should be noted that it was strong enough to bend the top of the Tokyo Tower.