At Long Last

Things are finally starting to pick up, not only offline but online as well.  As you can probably see by now, we have our galleries up and running and are in full swing uploading new works and showing some of our past events and projects.  Do keep in mind that these are somewhat 'rough' around the edges and that we are trying our best to keep up with the demand for new images while at the same time keeping the studio here in Asakusa/Ueno up and going.

我々は最近、非常に忙しいになっている.  新しいギャラリーがオンラインになっている、我々は古いものと新しい仕事の毎日より多くの写真をアップロードしている。 上野、浅草での撮影スタジオは、今のところ利用可能な夜間や週末です。これは、4月から24時間になります。


What does the future hold?  For the time being, Pozland Photography Studio Tokyo will be offering services to private individuals, small groups (up to 5 at a time in studio) and on site at various locations around Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama (Kanagawa) and Saitama.  For now, hold onto your seats!  New pricing has also been announced at the last TIP (Tokyo Industrial Photographers Assoc.) meeting to meet the competition head on.  Be on the lookout!


A New Welcome

Well what do you know, it's yet another new look for Pozland, and with a little luck, this time it'll stick.  Things have been busy here in Tokyo and I finally took some time to sit down and figure out what I wanted to do with the website.  I figure it's time that we move to a more professional look rather than another simple blog.


Not only will we bring you an interesting and visually-fun blog but this new host and new format allows us to allocate new amounts of space for hosting the images of you, the clients and readers.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by

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