The Following Days

In the days that came shortly after the earthquake, nobody was quite sure just what to say or do.  It seemed as though very few people would want to speak about the earthquake and tsunami other than to let their friends and co-workers know that "Don't worry, my friends and family are safe."  Nobody can be blamed for such actions either as the Japanese culture internalizes stress and problems as compared to those in North America who release their stress through (in some cases) fighting, drinking and various outer mental issues.


I would like to bring to you some TV screen-grabs I produced from AsahiTV, FujiTV and NHK TV News station.


Also, please pardon the mis-alligning of the images that I have posted up.  I am still getting used to this new blog format.





Sendai Earthquake Tokyo Troubles

While the city of Tokyo was certainly not hit very hard  by the quake and damage here was very minimal (some buildings collapsed, only two confirmed deaths within the area due to a natural gas explosion), the troubles that we are facing at the moment are hunger.


As you may have seen in blogs like this as well as on CNN or other news media outlets, the stores are becoming barer and barer by the hour.  I am lucky enough to live overtop of a small grocery store and made darn sure we stocked up on as much as possible but with police driving through the streets urging people to stock up on water, things are becoming a little scary.  Saturday evening I had to bring my wife to the hospital to deal with a 38.9C fever.  On the way home we stopped by 7 grocery stores and 11 convenient stores before finally finding one little 7-11 that happened to have 3 'boxes' of french fries left (フライ ポテート).  Thankfully I rarely eat very much (albeit being chubby) so I bought a single box of fries for myself, a couple bottles of tea and a couple little squeeze-bags of mango flavored 'diet jello' for my wife and away we went.

While the damage and death toll here in Tokyo is minimal, that isn't to say we aren't having problems of our own.  Wish us luck everyone.


2011 Sendai Earthquake


Listen to the my Radio Interview here:

As I type this, the ground is still shaking underneath of me, slowly rocking my chair side to side.  The TV has been turned on to Asahi News since my wife arrived home yesterday around 8:30pm and every time another quake comes, we receive a 10-15 second pre-warning on TV with a loud buzzer, it is at that moment that we know we need to brace ourselves for what may either come as a small shake or may end up being a larger quake similar to the one that struck us yesterday around 3:30pm.




I will first load up photos that are relevant (I took nearly 300 photos since yesterday but most are not good description of the setting) and then post up my Facebook status updates for you to see.  Thank you again for taking the time to view Pozland Photography's homepage and if you are ever in the Tokyo area, feel free to stop by the studio



Also see the CNN article here:



3:41 Holy CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:56 Its still shaking in chiba. School I'm shooting in is shifting. Theres a CRACK in the dirt... Again, holy crap
4:08 The hell its going again!!!!!!
4:12 Someone report in on the fires please
4:30 Live footage of the disaster in Tokyo: (I know it's a picture of Gundam but it's a link to a video stream)
4:44 Most of Central-Chiba is dark - lights are out
4:56 I see houses as we drive by with candle-light showing through - good thing it's not winter.
5:01 If you are trying to call people in Tokyo use (03) numbers. Mobile networks still down. (Thanks for this, Anthony)
5:14 (NOW!@ IT'S GOING AGAIN! YES!! AGAIN!!!! #chiba

5:18 Most of Central-Chiba is dark - lights are out

5:20 I see houses as we drive by with candle-light showing through - good thing it's not winter.

6:12 Took someone's advice... here we go at iReport:

6:20  1) I wonder if my TV is ok?

         2) Why the hell did I keep my lenses on the TOP shelf!?!?!? I --HOPE-- they are ok! 

         3) Good thing I drained the tub!

7:09 Cool, CNN International contacted me and I might be doing an interview on the phone with them because of the photos I submitted. Nifty :)

7:25 More shaking going on here in chiba too. More confirmed dead in Tokyo due to natural gas.


7:40 There's the first little shake... Now waiting for the next big one


8:23 Another earthquake is going on... Tonight i ain't sleeping...

8:39 Another small shaker

8:47 Another shake!!!!!!!!

9:39 Am ok, making my way home... 59Km to go.


4:39AM UPDATE: Christopher said he is at Wangan Narashino which I believe is their expressway and is still trying to make his way back to their apartment. He has been walking all night and will continue his trek. His cell phone battery and his Mac (boy does he hate it now!) battery are both dead. It is 4:45AM over here - keep the good thoughts going to him to give him strength to get home safely.


11:02AM IT'S SHAKING AGAIN GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!  ... But at least I'm home! 

11:16 Yay, I'm on CNN again! (So is my photo)

11:42 You Toronto listeners tune into 1001 FM - I'm on the radio right now speaking about the earthquake AS IT IS HAPPENING

11:51 Holy crap, a powerful one right now!

12:22 Just got interviewed by the producer of Anderson Cooper for CNN - Going on Monday most likely

12:26 Annnnnd it's shaking again

12:47 No sleep for the exhausted - heading up to the roof to see if I can spot anything out of the ordinary.

1:08PM It appears that Number 1 Nuclear Powerplant in Fukushima Exploded - Video coming to YouTube c/o Adam Zillin :

7:36PM Sorry folks, no updates for a while, I had to get some sleep

7:40 IAEA Just upgraded the 'Safe Distance' from the Nuclear Plant from 10km to 20km

8:39 Wife has a fever - taking her to the hospital close-by with our Bug-Out-Bag (water & other materials) - please contact me via Pozland's CONTACT ME TAB if someone desperately needs me

10:01 Japanese officials day the explosion at the nuclear power plant did not damage the cores and they are continuing to cool them as we speak.

10:18 CNN reports the explosion at the power plant was caused by water vapor and not a nuclear explosion. Cooling is continuing.

11:26 Three people close to the nuclear reactors in Sendai are now suffering from radiation sickness - Asahi News

11:33 We are shaking again!!!!


11:43 Last earthquake a few minutes ago was Scale 6 - not horrible but certainly enough to get my heart beating.


11:56 Reports of a small town of 17,500 people on the coast has been washed away - 10,000 of the residents are still missing.. God bless them all.

11:59 Another quake! STOP IT DAMNIT!

12:02AM Last quake was just centered in Chiba - be careful you Chiba-ites

12:06 One more earthquake RIGHT NOW in Niigata!

12:08 Holy crap it's a long one...




Those are all of the updates over the last 36 hours.  I am now signing off and heading to bed exhausted and fully clothed.  Good luck to the rest of you folks in Japan and to those over-seas, next time the Red Cross comes around for donations, please consider giving, even a few dollars.  You'll survive without that extra cup of StarBucks, right?


Nite everyone.  Wish us luck...


Mono and Chrome

Many times there will be moments when you can take a picture as people are moving and simply can't ask them to stop and do over whatever it is they just did.  ... that was horrible sentence structure.... anyway, this was one of those moments.  One of the fire-fighters of the Saskatoon Fire Protection Service was hauling out the jaws of life to clean and re-lube everthing up.  He was in a hurry to do it and they did seem a little heavy so I decided it was in his (and my) best interest to just let him go.  It would have been nice if he stopped a moment longer other than to yell to his buddy, but beggers can't be choosers in this case.

Other times it's not so much that you can't be rude and ask someone to make the same movements, walk down the street again or try and get their child to make a funny face a second time, but there are times when your hands are tied and it is impossible to re-create an action or experience.  Such is the case here as a buddy of mine back at the University of Saskatchewan over-cooks the 'rare' ordered steaks.


And to cap things off, sometimes you just need to ask a friend "hey, can you make a silly face for me while I take your picture which will eventually be published on the web about 5 years after I take said photo?"  Yea... well... that should explain itself.


What he was thinking of to inspire this image is anyone's guess.  What do you think?  Perhaps he was picturing the cameraman nude, or maybe thinking of his upcoming credit card bill?


Fun With Light

It's always fun to mess about with lighting and equipment.  In this case, it's a simple photo of a reflective white umbrella light modifier and a Nikon SB 900 speedlight strobe which I use while on various locations.  I guess that makes me a strobist?  But what is a strobist?  As far as I can tell (from what others have told me), a strobist is someone who plays around with light in their photos using off-camera flashes (strobes/speed-lights, etc).