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Long Time, No Type

It has been quite a while since I last updated the website blog and after March's events, its probably time to do so.


As most of you know, there was not only a major earthquake that shook Japan but a massive Tsunami to follow shortly there-after. While the quake caused much damage, it can be said without a doubt that the tsunami was the main source of destruction and death. We keep those affected in our hearts and thoughts,

While many foreigners tried to escape japan via Narita airport in the hours following the quake, I on the other hand was stuck close by the airport and with the trains and expressways shut down, took nearly 33 hours to get home to Asakusa in Tokyo. The days after were filled with stress, concern, and very little sleep as we experienced over 300 strong aftershocks within 48 hours of the first quake.

Luckily for a Canadian way of thinking, we had enough food and water, however many didn't and very soon all of the supermarkets, grocery stores and even convenient stores were sold out of anything that contained food value. Feel free to criticize my next comment but i have a feeling that if such an event might occur in the states, the liquor and water would be the first things missing from the combinis (convenient stores). The one product that was virtually untouched in stores here... The liquor.

I made a few preparations as well, more out of necessity than anything. Firstly I collected all of the empty plastic bottles that I had and 'un-crushed' those which I had made ready for recycling. I then cleaned them and filled each with purified water, just incase we were hit again and lost water pressure to my 8th floor apartment. Next as a utility water reservoir, filled the bath tub to overflow. If the water pressure went, at least I could use this water to flush the toilet or take a sponge bath.

One other minor preparation I made was to do something that many have teased me about... I bought a fishing rod. If all else fails, I am close to a river and while the fish may not be the best to eat, at least we won't go hungry. I spoke with the owner of the fishing shop and aside from his regulars, I was the first person to buy a rod in the four days since the initial quake, much to my surprise.

For me and the studio, business dropped sharply. Bookings were cancelled and many people chose to take a nice vacation, until things settled down. One man told me on the phone that those people were over reacting and that we had nothing to worry about... This coming from a sociopath who, if back working in middle America would amount to nothing more than a line cook at McDonalds. Needless to say, things got worse before they got better. Two of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power centers exploded outwards due to a buildup of nitrogen pressure within the facility, radiation leaked and many of those lost to the tsunami started showing up again along the shores of Chiba.

That was over six months ago...

Food has returned to the shelves of supermarkets, combinis and other centers (although most products still sell out early in the day which before was an unusual occurrence). It was established that TEPCO, the company in charge of the reactors has lied for several months about how severe the problem was (is) and radiation hotspots that are beyond safety limits are popping up around Japan, even so far south as Kashiwa, Chiba (source: Mr. S. Marking, independent research). However, even with the troubles, the constant aftershocks and the worrying families back home, we continue with our lives. The studio is now open again Monday to Friday and friends are slowly returning to Japan.

It's beyond asking for you to wish us luck. Luck is something we've proven that we have, for now, just think of us and if you see a donation box, consider dropping in a few hundred yen,

Cheers from Japan.

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Reader Comments (1)

Good to hear that the business is picking up once again. And I think your right about the liquor in the states. It would be the first thing to get cleaned out. LOL. I don't think enough of us are prepared for what might happen in the future concerning natural disasters and taking a look at what happened there a person could learn something from it. That being said I think most of us will continue to just plug along and have the wait and see attitude until it's to late. Seems like if you can't to whatever on your cell phone now a days it's not worth doing. My opinion;)

Thanks for the update as to how life is going on over there and to hear how you personally handled the situation when it occurred. Cheers and all the best.

September 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterD. Willett AKA "krusty69"

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